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Salt Rim – An ancient styled beach villa

Salt Rim is an ancient styled beach villa, perched on a secluded patch of white sand, literally kissed by the high tide waters of the Arabian sea. Salt Rim has afforested mountains as its backdrop with sea waters in front, and the combination results in a heady mix. Salt Rim sits alongside the gorgeous Korlai fort, reminiscent of the Portugese inhabitation here centuries ago. The villa, in keeping with this history, adorns hues of Goan and Portugese style architectural interiors.

The most stunning aspect of Salt Rim is that it is perched on a virtually private beach. There is no permanent inhabitation for half a kilometer on either side of Salt Rim! For all the hustle-bustle, cacophony and mind boggling human interface that the city puts us through, Salt Rim acts as a perfect antidote.

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